Discovering Sikkim: A Journey to the Hidden Gem of India


Nestled in the majestic Himalayas, Sikkim stands as a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. This small northeastern state of India holds within its borders an abundance of natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage. In this essay, we will provide a brief overview of Sikkim as a hidden gem in the Himalayas and emphasize … Read more

Exploring North Sikkim: A Himalayan Wilderness


North Sikkim, a hidden gem in the northeastern part of India, is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. With its awe-inspiring landscapes, towering peaks, tranquil lakes, and picturesque valleys, this region offers a mesmerizing experience for those who dare to explore its wilderness. In this blog post, we will take you on a … Read more

Green Lake Trek, Sikkim

Green Lake may in the minds of many conjure up an image of a beautiful, exotic water-body green in color. The Souvenir published by the Statesman on the occasion of the coronation of the Chogyal in 1965 shows a painting of the Green Lake depicting it as a huge lake –the artist perhaps had never … Read more

Cholamu Lake Trek

Most of the monsoon clouds reaching the Lachung valley precipitate before Yumthang but those venturing further north towards the Tibetan plateau have to encounter the last bastion in the valley- the Donkiala pass at 18400 ft. Overlooking the Cholamu plateau and the Roof of the World, and surrounded by snowy peaks most notably the Paunhri … Read more

Tholung Monastery Trek

The Tholung Monastery was first built during the reign of ChogyalChakdorNamgyal in the early part of the eighteenth century. It contains rare and valuable scriptures and artifacts of other monasteries that were brought here for safety during the invasion of Sikkim by the Nepalis during the late seventeenth century and the early nineteenth century. A … Read more

Trek to Dechenphu

Dechenphu continues to defy easy accessibility. It has the highest altitude amongst the four caves and involves a one-day daunting and murderous trek – taking you from almost 5000 ft to 10000 ft above mean sea level. Fourteen kilometers downhill from Pelling is the village of Namphu at about 5000 ft above mean sea level … Read more

Barsey Trek

This route lies in the southwestern corner of Sikkim. One has to first reach Hilley by road via Sombaria and Okhrey. Okhrey which is about 10 km before Hilley has reasonably priced Homestays which you can book online. It is a good idea to halt overnight at Okhrey before proceeding to Hilley early morning the … Read more

Zongri Trek

Yoksom and Zongri are two places in West Sikkim between which there is a proper well-beaten trekking track in the form of a bridle path. The best time to venture on a trek on this route is April to June and September to November. Tourism Department organises treks during autumn and spring. Till Yoksom there … Read more

Phalut & Chiyo Bhanjyang Trek

For this trek, it is more convenient to enter from Phalut which lies near the trijunction of Nepal, West Bengal, and Sikkim. This route lies on the ridge of the razor-edged Singelila range that defines the boundary between Sikkim and Nepal. Phalut is approachable from Darjeeling by road. Just near Phalut is Toriphule which remains … Read more

Maenam La & Bhaledunga Trek

Towering above the town of Ravangla, is the Maenam hilltop. One has to trek three hours uphill from Rabongla through the Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary teeming with Magnolia, Rhododendron and small bamboo to reach the hilltop which is at an altitude of about 3235 m (10612 ft). These trees, like giant sentinels, seem to guard the … Read more